Personalised Services

  • We are available to collect sale agreements and documents required for the Conveyancing process.
  • We are linked to the Deeds Office for the capturing of accurate information for drafting transfer and bond documents.
  • We are available to sign clients where convenient or at our offices.
  • Regular reporting on transfers and bonds to Sellers, Purchasers, Estate Agents and Financial Institutions.
  • We are linked to the rates department and SARS electronically and receive the rates clearance certificates and transfer duty receipts online.
  • We arrange for Levy Clearance Certificates to be issued.
  • We can assist with Electrical Clearance Certificates and Borer Clearance Certificates by recommending reputable companies.
  • We are on the panel of Standard Bank, Nedbank, Nedbank Property Finance and Commercial, ABSA Bank, First National Bank, BOE and Sanlam.

For assistance please contact our PRO's. Through the development of highly effective systems and the implementation of measurable operational standards, our conveyancing department has proved to be very efficient in delivering service and quality excellence.

Our conveyancing department is a highly skilled team, which consists of many dedicated conveyancing paralegals who are all qualified to process transactions. They have successfully obtained certificates in the Registration of Bonds and Transfers from the Korbitek School of Training. Included in this team is an expert who attends to Sectional Title Deed Developments, Sub-divisions, Town Development, Zoning and/or Rezoning of property.

Software programmes like Deed Search, Windeed, SearchWorks and Ghost Convey are being used to facilitate the process of conveyancing matters and are supportive and sophisticated market leaders which improve our ability to network with all the major banking groups. This comprehensive system enables us to provide an efficient service whilst professionally concluding all transactions.

Communication with our clients on a regular basis is a priority and this information is reported to them by means of an SMS system and Internet technology. Efficient computer technology enables the production of detailed reports on matters at hand. Continual hardware and software updates, as well as training, ensures a smooth running process.
All documentation, including those designated for the Deeds Office in Pietermaritzburg and other Deeds Offices are delivered by courier service.

Conveyancing Process

Below is a summary of the events and actions taken in the process of conveyancing, i.e. when a property is transferred from a seller to a buyer:

Process for Registering a Transfer

  • Instructions are received from the property owner. Information and documentation required includes: Copy of the Agreement of Sale, copies of identity documents, marital status, Ante-Nuptial contract, (if applicable), proof of residence, income tax reference numbers of the purchaser and seller. Please note that originals are required at the signing of transfer and or signing of bond documents.
  • The seller provides us with the existing bond account number and the name of the bank. The seller's existing bondholder is contacted requesting the title deed and bond release/cancellation figures.
  • Rates and taxes or levies are paid in advance so that a clearance certificate from the Municipality / Body Corporate can be lodged at the Deeds Office.
  • Cancellation figures and the title deeds are received from the attorneys acting for the bondholders. These figures are based on the actual amounts plus interest to the date of transfer.
  • Transfer documents and draft deed are prepared.
  • Draft deed and guarantee requirements are sent to the new bondholder's attorney for the drawing up of the bond documents and issuing guarantees.
  • The buyer's new bond attorneys are advised of the guarantee requirements.
  • The seller and buyer sign the transfer documents.
  • Borer / Entomologist Clearance Certificate and Electrical Compliance Certificates are obtained.
  • The transfer duty is paid to the Receiver of Revenue and a transfer duty receipt obtained electronically.
  • The guarantees are received and forwarded to the seller's existing bondholder with a request that the bondholder sign the consent to cancellation.
  • The transferring attorneys, bond attorneys and bond cancellation attorneys simultaneously lodge documents at the Deeds Office.
  • Registration takes place, generally 7 - 10 days after lodgement.
  • The consultant, seller and buyer are advised when the property is registered.
  • The existing bond is cancelled and repaid, the commission is paid and the seller receives the balance less the deductions e.g. entomologist, electricity, rates and levies etc.
  • Time frame for a straight forward transfer is approximately 8 – 10 weeks.

Process for Registering a Purchaser's Bond

  • The bond attorneys are instructed by the bank to attend to a new bond registration, they receive these instructions electronically.
  • The bond attorneys download the instructions.
  • The bond attorneys contact the Purchaser for the relevant documentation to draw the bond documents. For example id's, marriage certificates, if applicable, proof of residence, income tax reference numbers, etc. If a CC, Trust or Company, the attorneys will request the relevant documents such as Deed of Trust, CK 1, CK 2 documents, founding statement etc. Originals are requested at point of signing.
  • FICA documents, identity documents and proof of residence, are certified and a FICA form completed and signed which confirms proof of residence and identity of client.
  • The bond attorneys receive the draft deed and discharge figures from the transferring attorneys.
  • Bond attorneys prepare the bond documents.
  • Bond attorneys contact the client to sign and the client receives the proforma bond costs.
  • Purchaser pays bond costs.
  • Once client signs, the bond attorneys send the guarantees to the transferring attorneys and send the relevant signed bond documents to the Bank.
  • Bond attorneys send the bond documents to their agents to lodge in the Pietermaritzburg Deeds Office. These documents will be lodged and registered simultaneously with the transferring attorneys and cancellation attorneys, if applicable.

Process for Cancelling a Bond

  • Transferring attorneys will request home loan account number from the Seller.
  • Transferring attorneys will call for title deeds and discharge figures from the Sellers Bondholder (Bank).
  • The Bank will send the discharge figures to the transferring attorneys and will instruct them or another firm of attorneys to attend to the cancellation of the bond on their behalf.
  • Once the guarantees have been received, the cancellation attorneys sign the consent to cancellation which is then forwarded to their agents in Pietermaritzburg to lodge, together with the transfer and Purchasers bond, if applicable.
  • The cancellation, transfer and bond, if applicable will be registered simultaneously in the Deeds Office.
  • The day after registration the guarantees are paid out.

Documents Required

Transfer and Bond Documentation Required for Conveyancing

Initial Documentation required from Sellers and Purchasers when attending to transfers and bond registrations. Originals will need to be presented at point of signing transfer and/or bond documents. Copies of documents to be faxed or emailed as soon as sale agreement is signed.
Always ascertain whether a party is VAT registered. Sometimes an individual can be VAT registered in respect of the property being sold and this must be considered when drafting the sale.

For Seller and Purchaser

Single Persons
  • Copy of identity document or Passport for non residents.
  • Proof of current residence for example Utility Bill, Telkom account etc. (valid for 2 months).
  • Income tax reference number.

Married Persons
  • Copy of identity document or Passport for non residents.
  • Marriage Certificate.
  • Ante-Nuptial Contract (ANC), if applicable.
  • Proof of current residence for example Utility Bill, Telkom account etc (valid for 2 months).
  • Income tax reference number.

  • Identity documents of all Company shareholders and directors, or Passport for non residents.
  • Memorandum of Articles of Association.
  • Name, address and telephone number of Auditors. At a later stage, we may require a letter confirming their appointment.
  • Vat registration number of the Company.
  • Proof of current residence for all shareholders and directors, (valid for 2 months).
  • Proof of registered address for the Company.
  • Income tax reference numbers for all shareholders and directors.
  • Income tax reference number for the company.

Close Corporations (CC's)
  • CK1 and or CK2 documents.
  • Identity documents for all members or Passport for non residents.
  • Proof of current residence for all members, (valid for 2 months).
  • Proof of registered address for the CC.
  • Income tax reference numbers for all members.
  • Income tax reference number for the CC.
  • Vat registration number.

  • Identity documents of all the Trustees, or Passport for non residents.
  • The Deed of Trust.
  • The Letters of Authority from the Master of the High Court appointing the Trustees.
  • Income tax reference numbers of the Trustees.
  • Income tax reference number for the Trust.
  • Proof of residence of the Trust.
  • Vat registration number for the Trust.

Mortgage Bonds

Kloppers Incorporated are top ranking performers with the various Banks. We are proud to be on the panel of Standard Bank, Nedbank, Nedbank Property Finance and Commercial, ABSA Bank, First National Bank, BOE and Sanlam.

Mortgage Bonds

The most common type of mortgage bond is one where a Financial Institution or Bank will lend a portion of, or the full purchase price of a property purchased. The Conveyancer will attend to the preparation of the Mortgage Bond documents to be signed and submitted to the Deeds Office for registration against the property.

Further Bonds

In the event of a client requiring additional finance a further bond can be registered in addition to an already existing bond.

Access Bonds

If a client has a mortgage bond with a Financial Institution or Bank, an Access Bond facility can be arranged. This is an access facility which enables you to access additional funds that you have paid into your bond account. This facility will be linked to a nominated current, cheque or transmission account held with the Bank.

Cancelling your Bond

There are many reasons for the cancellation of a mortgage bond, e.g. full settlement or the selling of your property. When you decide to sell your property, it will be necessary for you to give your bank or financial institution 90 days notice in writing, to avoid penalty charges. It is imperative that you keep proof of this notice.

Calculate your Costs

The purchase of property is levied by the government and there are transfer, legal and admin costs involved for the registration of the property to the new owner as well as the home loan, most of which are due upfront, before transfer can take place.
To get an idea of the costs involved in the transfer of your property use our easy-to-use Cost Calculator or download our Transfer and Bond Costs Guide below.

Click here to download the Transfer and Bonds

Costs Guide Costs Guide (82 KB)

Residential and Commercial Developments

Kloppers Incorporated has extensive experience in Residential and Commercial Developments.
For many years we have successfully assisted and advised Developers from the planning stage right through the process up to the opening of Sectional Title Register and eventual Registration of Transfer.